The SNCo. Fat Loss &
Muscle Gain Models

These Google Sheets models provide accurate estimates for fat loss and muscle gain timelines through math and what current research suggests. The models give you upper and lower thresholds for rates of gain/loss based on simple inputs.

The best feature about these models is that they are incredibly user-friendly to use. The models calculate by taking the following simple inputs...

  • Choosing either the imperial or Metric system;
  • A starting bodyweight;
  • An estimated starting body fat percentage;
  • Selecting a training age/level (Muscle Gain model only;)
  • The starting calendar date;

And then provides up to 52 weeks of timelines and the upper and lower bound targets for weekly progression. These models are great for resistance-training populations looking to retain lean body mass whilst dieting and mitigate unnecessary body fat accumulation during gaining periods.


The Muscle Gain Model

Intelligently models and helps estimate gaining periodizations for maximizing gains whilst mitigating unnecessary fat accumulation.

The Fat Loss Model

Visually demonstrates approximate timelines for resistance-training individuals looking to retain lean body mass whilst dieting.

DFY CIS Compatible

Bolts on directly to the Done For You Client Check-In System to use as part of your check-in workflow. (Purchased Separately.)

Included Tutorials Course

I walk you step by step on how to set up the models, explain the features, and guide you through integrating the models into the popular Done For You Client Check-In System.