A straightforward approach to laying objectivity as the foundation of your nutrition with the goal of improving body composition. Covering everything needed to get started adding objectivity to eating in a subjectively dominated diet culture of "this vs. that."

I want everyone to have this information because it is incredibly empowering. Reinforcing positive, sustainable habits for the long-term and understanding flexibility makes having iron willpower an antiquated approach.

In this 50+ page guide, I detail the exact approach for how I have been leveraging objective nutrition to make myself a stronger, leaner, and healthier human. These same principles, positive habits, and information are what my clients use to make tons of progress through their own nutrition.

Learn how to stop hopping from diet to diet, hoping that the grass will be greener on the other side. Download your free copy of Objective Eating now.


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"This gave me the understanding of nutrition and what types of foods to eat for my goals, looking to build muscle and get leaner. I like that I now know the why behind my plan." 

Time to shift nutrition into the priority position and experience first hand just how rewarding that decision can be.

About the Author

Aaron Straker is a N.A.S.N. Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach.

Aaron takes a pragmatic approach to nutrition that focuses on simple food selection, the importance of nutrient density and implementing objectivity into dieting and reporting metrics.

Aaron's personal favorite aspect about prioritizing high quality nutrition is simply how impactful diet will be in the pursuit of health, longevity, and looking pretty good while you're doing it.


Straightforward Nutrition for Improving Body Composition.